India's children

Lost, not forgotten

childEVERY eight minutes a child goes missing in India.

That child is not “lost”. That child has been cynically abducted and sold for less than the cost of a cow. Sold as bonded labour, as a sex object or worse.

This is not Dickensian England or 18th century America. This is the face of slavery in India in 2015.

There are more slaves in the world today than ever in human history – and half of them are in India.

No one can be apathetic to this shocking statistic – it is easier to believe that these facts and figures are not widely known.

So read about it, disseminate the shaming information and think about what you can do to stop another child going missing in the next eight minutes.

Empathize Now! is partnering with iPartner India’s campaign Every8Minutes to put a STOP to child trafficking in India.

Please support it.