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Diagnosis of the absurd

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Dec 10, 2014, The Hindu Metroplus

HOW wacky can you get with a subject like Empathy in Healthcare? Well, have a look and see!

We have talked about these short ten-minute plays before – performed in December, as part of the 5th National Bioethics Conference at St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru.

Now they are up on YouTube.

Written by the young playwrights in the city and performed by local theatre groups, the plays were extremely well received both by delegates and the general public at the conference. They were performed in the order below:

Professor John Porter of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who was a delegate and at the show had this to say: “I found all  three plays very strong, powerful and with important messages for health care, and in particular for physicians. Here are a couple of reflections:
  • Power: in some ways, each of the studies is so powerful that each one is a teaching in itself. I was fairly overwhelmed by the first one and then equally affected by the other two, and they all had important and different messages. So, from the point of view of teaching students, one of these plays would be enough for a whole afternoon or evening of discussion!
  • Balance: another point to think about would be a process of balancing the perspectives. It might be appropriate to also have some plays that show the positive sides of patient/health care workers interactions, because all of the plays presented were fairly negative around the role of the system and the doctors that work within it.
Good luck with the continued work and I look forward to seeing the next stages of this fascinating  project.”
Watch the plays and tell us what you think!